Support Your Delivery Drivers

With the Covid-19 still raging worldwide each country across the world is trying to protect its population with various lockdown measures. Some workers can work from home and some workers have been furloughed. For key workers such as logistics workers and drivers this is clearly not an option – goods still need to move and be delivered.

Unfortunately due to the lockdown many shops, services and toilets on roads and motorways have closed leaving lorry drivers in a tough position. With this in mind I would like to urge all companies to support your delivery drivers by opening the use of your facilities to them. If you follow safety guidelines on social distancing and hygiene there should be no need to deny the use of facilities.

I have created an A4 template, available to download below, in Word format which can be printed and displayed to show your support.

Delivery drivers are welcome to use our facilities sign on display at Kitagawa Europe, UK

In this version I have included Polish, Latvian and Turkish text but feel free to edit with any languages you need.

Keep safe and well.

Published by A Kennedy

An award winning, UK based, International Logistics Manager for a multinational tool company. Over 25 years experience in international logistics and supply chain management. Elected ‘Chartered Status’ by the CILT and ‘Expert Status’ by the IoSCM.

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