The 5P’s of Leadership

As many of us know there is a big difference between a ‘Boss’ and a ‘Leader’ and it’s all down to leadership. I feel leadership is a word that gets thrown around a bit too much because, like most things, there are different standards or ‘levels’ of leaders and they are all very different. Leadership can be broken down into five distinct levels and, as you should expect, a good leader should always strive to improve.

So, what are the 5P’s of Leadership?
  1. Position – The lowest level of leader – people only follow because they have to because of their job title. We’ve probably all experienced this kind of leader, they can be the most inexperienced or recently promoted and they may even go as far to say “do you know who I am!”. If you are this kind of leader it is worth recognising your position and work hard with your staff to develop further. Focus on professional development and improve yourself and your knowledge.
  2. Permission – People follow because they choose to. This can make it a lot smoother to worth within your department. If you are this kind of leader continue to work with your department and exchange ideas and feedback frequently.
  3. Production – People follow because of what you have done for the company. People can recognise your worth and experience. As this type of leader do not forget your staff are the greatest asset and focus on their development not just company goals.
  4. People Development – People follow because of what you have done for them personally. People will recognise you value them personally. If you are this type of leader continue to invest in your staff, provide training and give them an opportunity to talk to you – be open and honest. At the end of the day you are all a team working for the good of the company and are all as important as each other.
  5. Pinnacle – People follow because of who you are what you represent. The one to aspire to – if you develop through 1-4 then this should naturally occur. People want a hardworking, knowledgeable, honest leader with good morals who listens and cares.

Have you had a leader that has helped you over they years? do you recognise which type they are/were? I would like to hear your feedback!

Credit to John C. Maxwell author of “The 5 Levels of Leadership,” copyrighted in 2011.

Published by A Kennedy

An award winning, UK based, International Logistics Manager for a multinational tool company. Over 25 years experience in international logistics and supply chain management. Elected ‘Chartered Status’ by the CILT and ‘Expert Status’ by the IoSCM.

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