4 essential communication tips

Modern companies now are a complex network of people and departments. Information needs to flow back and forth between many departments for the company to operative effectively. Lets look at four of the main points you will need to follow to communicate effectively with your shipping and logistics department.

Supply ALL the required information

Full company address and zip code with a contact name and telephone number 

“Just send to Bob is Spain, we’ve sent there before” is not enough! 

Is it an exhibition shipment or a repair? Will any paperwork need to be raised such as a Carnet or a preferential document like an ATR or EUR1?

Accurate information will avoid errors which can cost your business time and money.

Instruct which orders / parts need to be shipped clearly

Don’t wait till it’s packed and labelled before asking “can you add some catalogues?” or “can you pack another order with that?” 

Double handling and repacking wastes time, damages morale and leads to wasted packaging materials costing your business money.

Do you like doing a job twice?

Advise any specific packaging requirements

Don’t wait until the order is packed on a pallet before you mention the customer doesn’t have a forklift!

Again, double handling and repacking wastes time, damages morale and leads to wasted packaging materials. Also if the shipment arrives with the customer and is refused due to them not being able to unload it you could end up paying the return shipping cost – costing your business money

Advise how quickly you need it there

If it’s urgent there may be timed services (before 10am, before midday) that could be selected for extra cost. If it’s not urgent it could be send via sea freight or groupage road freight.

Remember: if you book a shipment via courier and don’t select a service (i.e. Express or Economy) most automatically select Express. This can be extremely expensive for large shipments and cost your business a lot of money.

Your Logistics and shipping department will ask for this information as standard but as part of your process review it never harms to check how efficient the flow of information is.

communication between departments is the key

The more effective inter-departmental communication is within your company the more effective your company will be.

Published by A Kennedy

An award winning, UK based, International Logistics Manager for a multinational tool company. Over 25 years experience in international logistics and supply chain management. Elected ‘Chartered Status’ by the CILT and ‘Expert Status’ by the IoSCM.

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